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SummerFest | LOLLAPALOOZA: Tribal Dance: Moving from Fear to Love

$35 per classPurchase required to enroll
This experience has been created to move people from acting out of and being in a state of fear, to working from a place of love. Through a series of body posture activities referred to as the Sigil Effort Scale, participants will be guided in physical movement paired with a simultaneous lecture that brings consciousness to where the physical plane originates in their mental and emotional state. We will explore fear, receptiveness, dedication, inclusion, strength, and love using these guided activities. Participants will then progress into understanding self in relation to movement and how that changes with the environment around them. They will explore individual movement sourcing based on instructor prompts. *This work does require some movement but is specifically designed to fit any person and does not discriminate. Participants will leave this experience with greater self-awareness and a stronger ability to bring motion to effort.