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Heather has practiced Pilates for more than 10 years, and has completed training in both mat and reformer-based Pilates. She has completed her comprehensive 500-hour certification with Pilates V and is a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certified instructor. Heather is a former corporate executive and mother of two young children, who seeks the benefits of a more active lifestyle by incorporating a robust and consistent daily exercise practice into her routine.

Heather is passionate about using Pilates to help clients tackle common fitness challenges, including:

- balancing a demanding career with the need for self-care
- regaining fitness and strength following pregnancy
- improving core strength and flexibility to decrease the risk of injury in other athletic pursuits
- maintaining bone strength

Heather believes in the importance of Pilates as a strength, flexibility and balance builder, and for its power in encouraging proper use of muscles during exercise and in daily life. In her Pilates teaching, she focuses on building overall strength, improving posture, and relieving stress. Besides Pilates, Heather’s other athletic pursuits include high intensity interval training and boot camp.