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Allison believes Pilates is a language of movement that anyone can learn, no matter their level of fitness. She came to Pilates after years of living a sedentary life and feeling incredibly disconnected from her body. Pilates helped her find a sense of embodiment and joy in movement, regardless of how she looked.

She wants to bring that same sense of embodiment and joy to all students of the method via her dedication to fostering body positive attitudes in her group classes and her private lessons. She's a firm believer in HAES/HAAS. She is especially passionate about working with obese and overweight students who are interested in the Pilates method.

In her free time she can be found spending more time figuring out what to watch on Netflix than she actually spends watching Netflix, sewing 16th century clothing, or cuddling her two kitties.

She looks forward to meeting you in the studio!