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  • Alexis  

    Alexis has been a leader in the fitness world for over 15+ years, as a top fitness trainer and coach in the industry. She is a Bay Area native and holds a degree in Communication and several national certifications in Pilates, yoga and Personal Training. Her extensive experience as a wellness coach have given her a unique holistic approach to fitness. She has trained in premier health clubs and private studios as well as, her own wellness consulting practice.

    Alexis is a Mom of 3, passionate about healthy living and green lifestyle and all things positive. Her philosophy is that your fitness starts from the inside out and with the right mindset, any goals can be achieved. Pilates can transform someone physically and mentally and that strength carries over into daily life.

    Alexis invites you to train in her classes or private sessions. She has experience training all fitness levels and believes that Pilates is really for every body. Participants will be amazed with her professional and effective instruction and will see their strength, flexibility and posture improve.

    Certifications: Balanced Body Pilates, NCEP personal trainer, NCEP program design, and Triyoga, SURFSET.
  • Annie  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates
    Karma- an intersection of events at the right time in my life.

    In my teaching, I specialize in...
    Creating pathways that make pilates accessible to every body and ability including pot-rehab, pre/postnatal, osteoporosis, spine conditions, seniors, and athletes.

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    Helping clients actualize their goals in real-time and feel successful after a class or session.

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    Moving my body- either at the gym or outdoors exploring with my pup Hugo; enjoying potluck dinners with friends; FaceTiming my 3 amazing children; enjoying solitude at home with a cup of tea, chocolate, and a Netflix show!
  • Carson  

    Carson is a Bay Area native that received her degree in Psychology from San Jose State University. Having been exposed to competitive sports and fitness at a young age, health, wellness, nutrition, and body awareness has become a passion and a mainstay throughout her life. Carson discovered and fell in love with Pilates through her own rehabilitative journey due to multiple knee surgeries as well as pelvic, hip, and back injuries. She found that through Pilates she was able to gently lengthen and strengthen her muscles and core in a way that did not cause additional stress and strain on her body.

    Carson received her Comprehensive Pilates Certificate through the STOTT program at West Valley College. Her goals are to inspire and empower her clients to achieve their fitness and rehabilitative goals. She enjoys helping others to experience the overall sense of well-being, strength, and harmony that Pilates brings to the body. Carson's style is fun, creative, challenging yet safe and she strives to provide an environment where clients can enjoy the liberating sense of movement found in Pilates.

    In her free time, Carson enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and giving back to her community through local volunteer opportunities with her church as well as non-profit organizations. Outside of her love for Pilates, Carson stays active and takes care of her body through her yoga practice, walking, swimming as well as myo-fascial release techniques. She can’t wait to see you in class!
  • Chelsea  

    Chelsea Mulholland is a professional contemporary dancer currently residing in San Francisco CA. She graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2019 and received her Pilates mat certification in 2020. Chelsea is a movement enthusiast who practices Pilates, meditation, Tai chi, yoga, and various forms of dance regularly. She enjoys finding new ways to deepen the mind-body connection and is passionate about sharing these practices with others. Chelsea believes that movement is a journey towards healing and that any place is a great place to start.
  • Darin  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates
    After joining Pilates Reformer sessions for months, I wanted to know Pilates in depth. I thought about the teacher training program. When time and everything allowed, I pursued my wish and tough Pilates to others once I finished my program.

    In my teaching, I specialize in.....
    Pilates for Strength / Weight Loss / Athlete

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    When my students tell me (with smile & sweat on their faces) that, "I love your classes and see you tomorrow".

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    Cooking and baking healthy food from scratch.
  • Eddie  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates!
    Practicing and teaching different fitness and Movement modalities lead me to train and develop in Pilates.

    In my teaching, I specialize in.....
    BASI Comprehensive Pilates, Classical Pilates, Jump board, TRX, Athletic Pilates, Barre, Pre/postnatal Pilates, Restorative Methods, Injury Recovery, and restorative methods.

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    As a Pilates instructor teaching people how to learn about their bodies and how to become more body aware and fit. Teaching people to practice and how it does improve their personal and work life.

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    Apart from being a Pilates Instructor, love to travel to different places and meet people. And find great pleasure in hiking in the greater outdoors and participating in outdoor sports.
  • Genie  

    What led you to teach Pilates?
    Pilates has always been a constant in my life even during times of chaos. By practicing Pilates, I was able to find mental clarity and experience a calm sense of energy.
    Here I am 20 years later wanting to share the gift pilates has given me..the ability to access my inner strengths and conquer anything that comes my way.

    I specialize in tai chi, functional fitness, mobility restoration, and mind-to-body movements.

    What I most enjoy about teaching Pilates is connecting with my students and watching them grow.

    When I'm not in the studio you will find me spending time with my family
  • Grecia  

    My name is Grecia Gutierrez, I decided to start practicing Yoga and Pilates approximately 6 years ago through a community college for PE credits and I decided to try Yoga and Pilates and I fell completely in love with it. It has not only helped me physically but mentally as well.

    I became an instructor because like everyone else, I too have my own story to share and hope it helps someone out with their own journey. I have my personal experience with what it’s like to want to work out and pursue a healthier lifestyle but not having the correct guidance and full support team. I’ve had my share of struggles and low moments to a point where I had given up on myself but something inside me pushed me and helped me get to where I am at right now. Since I know what it’s like to take on a journey by oneself I want to be that support system for someone and help them and allow them the encouragement they not only want but need and deserve. I have received my Comprehensive Pilates Certification and Yoga Certification from College of San Mateo, I love expanding my knowledge, growing as an individual, mentor and instructor, and sharing the benefits of all of the Pilates apparatus with my clients.
  • Jill  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates
    As a lifelong dancer and a student of Pilates for several years, the internship program seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to go deeper. And it has been!

    In my teaching, I specialize in....
    In my teaching I specialize in correct form over multiple repetitions, improving posture for longevity, and using movement as a form of meditation.

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    What I most enjoy about teaching is when I see a light come on in my students' eyes or when I see new, improving strength in their bodies

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    When I am not in the studio you will find me gardening, playing with my kitties, and enjoying time with my family.

  • Michele  

    Michele Mandell earned her Exercise Physiology and Nutrition degrees at CSU, Chico, but her journey in the fitness industry started in the 80’s when she started taking Group Exercise classes. Right away Michele knew that group exercise (aerobics at the time) was going to be an important part of her life.
    By 1987 she was teaching “aerobics” at three different fitness centers and spreading her love of fitness.

    In 2008 Michele, who was now working in Santa Clara as a Group Exercise Director, started her study of Pilates. Right away she realized that Pilates was special. Anyone could participate, whether they were an 80 year old or a 20 year old competitive athlete and get fabulous benefits. Michele finished her Peak Pilates certification in 2009 and is currently working on a second certification through Balanced Body University.

    Michele, a ACE certified group fitness instructor, teaches weekly classes in cardio kickboxing, athletic conditioning, BODYPUMP, and Pilates. She found a new passion in teaching at Pilates V, where she has found an amazing community of wonderful teachers and students.

    She invites you to join her energy-filled classes every Saturday morning in Campbell.

    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

  • Nicole  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates
    I have taught dance and yoga for a number of years, and I have always enjoyed Pilates and had an interest in teaching it, but the timing wasn't right for one reason or another. When the world shut down due to Covid I had some time to reflect about pursuing some of my many interests, and it so happened that I ran across Pilates V and saw that they were offering a teaching program, and the timing couldn't have been any more perfect.

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    Supporting the students to give their personal best while staying in tune with their bodies.

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, the arts, exercising, gardening, being out in nature, and traveling.
  • Shelby  

    Shelby is a California native growing up in Long Beach. She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University. It was while living in Phoenix where she was introduced to Pilates and immediately knew this would become her passion. She received her comprehensive Pilates certification through Club Pilates. Shelby believes Pilates is a continuous stage of growth. She enjoys helping clients build strength, increase flexibility, and develop a mind-body connection in their practice. She enjoys finding creative ways to help clients move their bodies while focusing on proper alignment. It is her belief that Pilates is for everybody!

    Shelby is a mother and found Pilates to be extremely beneficial in the preparation for her daughter's arrival. Her certification and her own experience makes her qualified to teach prenatal and postpartum Pilates.

    She is passionate about helping support clients to reach their fitness goals & improving their quality of life. In a class with Shelby, you should expect to feel challenged while focusing on the Principles of Pilates.
  • Sheri  

    What brought me to teaching Pilates?

    I started taking Pilates classes back in 2008 on the recommendation of my chiropractor when my back went out. I was told I needed to develop a strong core to help support my spine. I fell in love with it as my body began to heal, and I decided to pursue getting my certificate to be an instructor.

    What do I enjoy most about Pilates? I enjoy interacting with the clients and seeing them be successful in creating stronger, healthier minds & bodies.

    When I am not in the studio, what will you find me doing?

    Outside walking & rollerblading, working in the yard, visiting friends & family in WA and S.Cal, working on remodeling our home, and relaxing watching sports & movies with my husband.

  • Stacey  

    Talk a little bit about what brought you to teach Pilates!
    Having suffered from back and joint issues/pain since high school, finding a form of fitness that helped with those issues and made me feel stronger was challenging. Fell in love with reformer Pilates because it did both of those things. Loved it so much I wanted to share it with others in the hopes it could help them too.

    What I most enjoy about teaching is .....
    When people share with me how much classes have helped them, also when classes go smoothly and everyone has fun.

    When I am not in the studio you will find me ( list of things you like to do, enjoy, family, etc.
    Playing with my dog and watching movies with my husband.
  • Uli  

    Uli Golub is a NASM certified personal trainer and a AFAA certified group fitness instructor. Uli is currently pursuing her certification in Pilates, focusing on Pilates V's unique teaching style.

    Uli has a great passion for fitness and strongly believes that movement can transform lives. For Uli, a workout is a form of art. She wants to create a positive and empowering experience for the clients by bringing them to higher levels of physical strength, confidence, and longevity.

    Focusing on building fundamental strength and flexibility, Uli’s workouts are a celebration of the pleasure of movement.

  • Rianna  

    Bio coming soon
  • Michael  

    Owner & operator, primarily focused on everything external.
  • Gina  

    Owner & operator, primarily focused on everything internal.