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  • Angella  

    Angella’s desire to challenge her bodies’ physical limitations first started with dance. Then eventually athletics became her passion. Angella was a two sport athlete with collegiate and Olympic dreams. Unfortunately, after tearing her ACL her senior year in high school, that road was cut short. Her training and her injury has given her the insight on how to challenge the body and how to patiently deal with injury.

    Before joining the Pilates V family, Angella was furthering her education in kinesiology and a dedicated stay at home mom. Her background as an elite athlete, driven student, personal trainer, chiropractic assistant and dedicated mother gives her the acumen needed to be a attentive and thoughtful instructor. She has been a Pilates instructor just short of a year. Her classes reflect years of personal training experience, 300+ Pilates reformer certification hours, experience teaching TRX, and barre. Angella style derives from her love of dance and fitness. She looks to improve her students flexibility, core strength and coordination, while building their confidence in their overall fitness journey.
  • Annie  

    Annie has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years promoting wellness to her clients in a variety of settings including studio, fitness, corporate and clinical. She is a practitioner of the contemporary Stott Pilates method and holds certifications in Comprehensive Mat/Apparatus, Injuries and Special Populations, Total Barre and is an Instructor Trainer at Mindful Movement Collective LLC in Newark. In addition she is an ACE certified personal trainer and Registered Dietitian since 1988.

    After a low back injury from distance running and with the birth of her third child, Annie was introduced to Pilates and immediately experienced the rehabilitative benefits in both body and mind. In 2002 she started. her certification training. She enjoys designing individualized programs as well as creative group class formats that make Pilates accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Annie's mindfulness practice also includes spending quality time with friends and her three children; John, Juliana and Jocelyn. She also enjoys exploring nature with her two canine companions.
  • Carissa  

    Bio coming soon
  • Darin  

    Many years ago, I was experimenting with many different forms of exercise to lose weight. One day, I brought myself to try the Pilates Reformer Class and I fell in love with it. I finished my sixty-class program very quickly. I can say that this is the one and only workout that I did not need any external factors to encourage me to exercise. After attending a marathon of Pilates Reformer sessions, I still felt something was missing. Although my body got stronger, I still did not reach my personal expectations. Then I found Pilates Instructor Training Programs. With no doubt, I gave myself a shot! I told myself, if the program is not good, then I would drop the course. But I never ever dropped. Instead, I finished all three Pilates Instructor Training Courses and became a Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor). I also strength my knowledge & teaching skill by getting personal trainer certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I am so grateful and appreciative that I followed my dream.

    Besides Pilates, I coach indoor rowing. Exercising, cooking & baking are my main hobbies. I have a bilingual food blog in which I share my passion for cooking with family, friends and my readers. I always enjoy making healthy food (Whole Food, More Greens, Less Sugar, Low & Good Carb, Low & Good Fat) in my kitchen.
  • Grace  

    Grace moved from Beijing, China to Los Angeles, California to pursue a Chemical Engineering degree at USC. While balancing her reverse osmosis studies (ask her about industrial water treatment) with fitness, she discovered Pilates as the best way to overcome her muscle imbalance problems caused from years of intense fencing competitions.

    Grace's interest (obsession) with Pilates only grew from there, and as a student of Rael Isacowitz, she completed her BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training in Newport Beach, California at BASI headquarters. Joined by her husband, Grace attended BASI's LFTL (Learn from the Leader) Conference in Pretoria, South Africa.

    Grace incorporates an engineering approach to analyze her clients movements during her Pilates lessons, where she helps clients re-educate their muscles, gain better alignment, and achieve optimal balance between flexibility and strength.

    Grace enjoys traveling to new places, eating spicy Chinese hot pot meals, and playing with her three big fluffy dogs.

  • Camilla  

    Camilla is a health enthusiast who has a strong passion towards building a well-rounded lifestyle. She believes that preventative care is the most important thing you can do, and one way this can be achieved is through practicing Pilates.

    Camilla received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California in Irvine. She has been trained in Pilates Mat and Reformer through Balanced Body University. She is also a 200-hour RYT Yoga Instructor certified through Yoga Alliance. She plans on refining her skills in healing the body through exercise to prepare for her future career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

    Camilla brings fresh enthusiasm and energy to each and every exercise class. She is driven to help others reach their own health and fitness goals. She uses her knowledge in psychology to help her students feel motivated and continue to challenge their limits, believing it is never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle, and it is always possible to be better today than you were yesterday!
  • Giselli  

    Giselli is an international Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist with over 10 years of experience. She was first introduced to Pilates as a result of back pain and has continued to study Pilates because of its exceptional benefits to her health. Giselli received her first Pilates certification in Brazil and continued her education at Body Arts and Science International in Virginia where she completed her teacher training certification in BASI Pilates. She loves the challenge of instructing both groups and individuals for a fun, modern and safe workout.

    "In my practice, my teaching and in my life I am inspired by connection with the body and soul. I am committed to doing my best to live fully in each moment. I have personally benefitted from Pilates in every way. As a teacher, my intention is to create a space where each student can experience their own greatness."
  • Grecia  

    My name is Grecia Gutierrez, I decided to start practicing Yoga and Pilates approximately 6 years ago through a community college for PE credits and I decided to try Yoga and Pilates and I fell completely in love with it. It has not only helped me physically but mentally as well.

    I became an instructor because like everyone else, I too have my own story to share and hope it helps someone out with their own journey. I have my personal experience with what it’s like to want to work out and pursue a healthier lifestyle but not having the correct guidance and full support team. I’ve had my share of struggles and low moments to a point where I had given up on myself but something inside me pushed me and helped me get to where I am at right now. Since I know what it’s like to take on a journey by oneself I want to be that support system for someone and help them and allow them the encouragement they not only want but need and deserve. I have received my Comprehensive Pilates Certification and Yoga Certification from College of San Mateo, I love expanding my knowledge, growing as an individual, mentor and instructor, and sharing the benefits of all of the Pilates apparatus with my clients.
  • Erika  

    Erika decided to start practicing Pilates many years ago due to her lower back pain. Ever since, she has found Pilates to be a truly transformative method of exercise for both the body and mind. After several months of experience as a client, she noticed her back pain lessen dramatically, and she felt more energized and stronger than ever. She believes that Pilates has the power to realign, balance, and strengthen the body, all of which improve performance in all other activities and help prevent injuries. For her, Pilates has been healing both physically and mentally, as well as a great way to get in shape, stay healthy, and enjoy everyday life to the fullest.

    Erika became a Pilates instructor because she loves helping others reach their personal goals, and she believes that Pilates is a safe and effective practice for people of all ages and fitness levels. She enjoys sharing Pilates with others and seeing clients experience the benefits as their bodies transform and they deepen their own practice. Her goal as an instructor is to help her clients achieve physical fitness through safe, yet challenging exercises that develop core strength and encourage a mind-body connection.

    Erika holds a Classical Pilates Mat certification from Power Pilates, and she is also currently pursuing her comprehensive certification through Pilates V so she can continue expanding her knowledge, growing as an instructor, and sharing the benefits of all of the Pilates apparatus with her clients.
  • Leanne  

    A California native, Leanne was born and raised in Campbell, CA. She studied Radio Broadcasting and Dance at San Jose State and at Brooklyn College in New York. Leanne worked for the Walt Disney Company at Radio Disney (San Francisco and New York) for almost 10 years. All the while, she continued to study dance and preform in Musical Theatre in both California and New York. She was a member of the San Jose State Spectrum dance team and has danced professionally for the San Jose Stealth and Stockton Wolves. After working in the radio industry for over a decade, she felt it was time to explore the fitness industry and that's when she decided to make a career out of Pilates. Leanne completed her teacher training through a 500 hour, comprehensive Pilates training program. Her extensive dance background and personal experience from the benefits of Pilates have helped to shape her into the upbeat and energetic instructor that she is today!
  • Michele  

    Michele Mandell earned her Exercise Physiology and Nutrition degrees at CSU, Chico, but her journey in the fitness industry started in the 80’s when she started taking Group Exercise classes. Right away Michele knew that group exercise (aerobics at the time) was going to be an important part of her life.
    By 1987 she was teaching “aerobics” at three different fitness centers and spreading her love of fitness.

    In 2008 Michele, who was now working in Santa Clara as a Group Exercise Director, started her study of Pilates. Right away she realized that Pilates was special. Anyone could participate, whether they were an 80 year old or a 20 year old competitive athlete and get fabulous benefits. Michele finished her Peak Pilates certification in 2009 and is currently working on a second certification through Balanced Body University.

    Michele, a ACE certified group fitness instructor, teaches weekly classes in cardio kickboxing, athletic conditioning, BODYPUMP, and Pilates. She found a new passion in teaching at Pilates V, where she has found an amazing community of wonderful teachers and students.

    She invites you to join her energy-filled classes every Saturday morning in Campbell.

    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

  • Monica  

    Monica has always been passionate about health and fitness. When she began practicing Pilates she found it greatly benefited her both physically and mentally. It is an amazing practice that not only connects the mind and body while performing the exercises but can also be integrated into daily life. Learning and applying the principles of Pilates is safe, accessible, and beneficial for everyone.

    After a debilitating car accident she used Pilates to rehab her body and it inspired her to eventually pursue a career in helping others benefit from Pilates as she has done. She loves working with clients and helping them achieve their goals.

    She has been trained through Balanced Body University's Pilates Instructor certification course and plans on continuing her education as there is always more to learn!
  • Sarah  

    Sarah Rose earned her BA in Classics from Princeton University and her MFA in Choreography and Performance from Florida State University. She works as a freelance choreographer and dancer in NYC. She is a Balanced Body certified Pilates Mat instructor, an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, and a Feldenkrais Method trainee (2016-2020) and authorized Awareness Through Movement teacher through the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. Sarah is looking forward to sharing her passion for the power of movement with the Pilates V community.

  • Sarah D  

    Bio coming soon
  • Stacey  

    Bio coming soon
  • Shelby  

    Shelby is a California native growing up in Long Beach. She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University. It was while living in Phoenix where she was introduced to Pilates and immediately knew this would become her passion. She received her comprehensive Pilates certification through Club Pilates. Shelby believes Pilates is a continuous stage of growth. She enjoys helping clients build strength, increase flexibility, and develop a mind-body connection in their practice. She enjoys finding creative ways to help clients move their bodies while focusing on proper alignment. It is her belief that Pilates is for everybody!

    Shelby is a mother and found Pilates to be extremely beneficial in the preparation for her daughter's arrival. Her certification and her own experience makes her qualified to teach prenatal and postpartum Pilates.

    She is passionate about helping support clients to reach their fitness goals & improving their quality of life. In a class with Shelby, you should expect to feel challenged while focusing on the Principles of Pilates.
  • Sheri  

    Hi Pilates V

    I’m new to Pilates V and this area. I recently moved to CA from WA where I taught Pilates for the past 10 years. BASI certified in 2010. I’ve taught reformer classes, mat classes, privates and duets.

    My background prior to Pilates was in Sales & Customer Marketing for a major food manufacturer. I started doing Pilates mat classes 12 years ago at a YMCA as recommended by my doctor. I later found an actual Pilates studio, took privates and classes on the equipment, and ended up loving it....which led to taking the BASI course and earning my certification.

    I look forward to meeting all of you here at Pilates V and to help get people moving again. I hope to see you in my classes soon!

  • Marina  

    Bio coming soon
  • Michael  

    Owner & operator, primarily focused on everything external.
  • Lesya {powervibe}

    Bio coming soon